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Fickle sense combines my two passions; sustainable fashion and my love of creating.


Every step of the the Fickle Sense production line is carefully thought out and guided by sustainable fashion practices.
Sourcing fabric All materials are sourced from Organic fabric suppliers who provide information regarding their supply chain. Fabrics are sourced through Turkey (jersey),Kerela, India (Flannels handmade). All fabric is GOTS certified (
Printing. I hand screen print all textiles with environmentally friendly paints.
Sewing garments. All items are cut & sewn by myself.
My designs consider waste production– through upcycling & recycling I produce 0% waste. The purses and toys use the larger pieces remnants with the toys stuffing making up the smaller off cuts.

I continually strive to engage in the most appropriate practices with the ultimate aim of reducing the impact on the environment as well as the people making the garments.



Character design, textile design, screen printing and sewing have been my passions for many years. These interests drove me to create the breakfast illustrations which are featured in the Fickle Sense designs. My breakfast items each have their own personality, the featured characters include the Innocent Egg, the Mischievous Orange, the Hardworking Jam Jar, the Cheeky Baked Beans, the Funky Tomato, the Resilient Toast, the Laid Back Bacon, the Composed Teapot, the Sporadic Mushroom and the Calm Teacup. I transfer these illustrations onto my screens and print each panel of fabric. The fabric is then cut and sewn. Each garment is handmade and hand printed, making each item completely unique and one of a kind.
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